It is our goal to make our programs affordable to as many participants as possible through the use of a scholarship program.  Full or partial scholarships are awarded every session based on level of need and fund availability.  Scholarships are awarded in the form of a credit toward session fees.  Scholarships are only available for our therapeutic riding, family lessons, and summer camp programs.  

In the therapeutic riding industry, many programs utilize the income eligibility of the Free and Reduced School Lunch Program to determine eligibility for rider scholarships.  We are also referring to these income guidelines, but recognize that each individual family situation is unique and MAY consider providing financial assistance to families slightly over these income guidelines.  Pennsylvania income eligibility for free and reduced lunches may be seen here:

Criteria for Eligibility:

1.  Diagnosis and written physician referral
2.  Ability to contribute a minimum of $5.00 per lesson per rider (for those with incomes eligible for Free lunches; those eligible for reduced lunches will receive a 25-60% scholarship)
3.  Fully completed application form, including copy of the first page of most recent    federal income tax return and physician referral.  Incomplete applications will not be    considered.

*Please note that certain physical conditions are contraindicated to therapeutic riding and may prevent participation in our program.  Our therapy horses are able to safely carry a rider up to 170 lbs. and 6′ tall.  Please do not submit a Scholarship Application unless the participant has no known or anticipated physical contraindications to participation.

Application and Registration Process:

1.  Complete a New Participant Application Packet and the Scholarship Application and submit to our office.
2.  Chasing Rainbows will respond to all scholarship requests no later than 2 weeks after the receipt of the completed Application.
3.  If scholarship funds are awarded and there is an opening on the schedule, the participant is then able to proceed with the registration process.


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